"Instant Feedback System" is going to kill this game faster than balance issues

Suspending people, with no chance for appeal, based on an ALGORITHM, punishes people who: A. Are toxic in game. Ok, so chat ban them. Solved. B. Get toxic premades on their team that report them. They get punished and abusers DO NOT. Who does NOT get punished, but who ruins games more than someone typing in chat ever could? A. Toxic, trolling premades. B. Intentional feeders that "beat the system" C. People who go AFK or refuse to help the team without DCing. D. People who refuse to communicate or purposely lose you the game. The current system only punishes people who get frustrated and type in all. Somehow that is a higher priority to Riot than the millions of people actually causing losses. Your community is leaving because you punish people for calling out trolls or defending themselves from trolls instead of the trolls themselves.
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