NA Servers and the Future

Hey, everyone. I'm on the NA projects team and we want to clarify plans around NA’s future as a server. Currently, service is not equal across the region, and that *sucks*. Even worse, it feels like we’ve talked about plans to improve things for a long, long time with no real visible action taken. We currently have multiple projects aimed at addressing ping issues in NA, so read on. Yesterday, we were so excited to start talking about the new server infrastructure build, but we chose our words poorly. While technically we’re rebuilding the servers from the ground up somewhere new, the word “migration” naturally sounds like we’re moving to a central location, which we’re not ready for just yet. We want to apologize for the confusion, and do more than say “we’re working on it,” because you’ve all heard that before. Allow us to put the infrastructure rebuild into context and map out the three-phase plan we’ve outlined for NA. We can’t promise to dish details about everything because we’re still finalizing some projects, but we can give you a better idea of what we’re doing behind the curtain. Right now, there are three main issues with the NA server environment: 1. **Out-of-date infrastructure (poor stability)** *[COMPLETE!]* 2. **ISP traffic routing (network optimization)** *[HARDWARE COMPLETE -- PEERING AGREEMENTS ONGOING]* 3. **Server location (ping distribution)** *[CENTRALIZED SERVER RELOCATION COMPLETE!]* Ideally, we’d tackle all three at the same time, but these are big changes and we want to make sure we’re getting each one right before moving on to the next step. Measure twice, cut once. 1. The Infrastructure team is leading the charge on building a [**new server infrastructure**]( from the ground up to make sure the game experience is stable and more secure. Instability causes cascading problems like fluctuating ping, downtime, and poor service, so we want to address this challenge first. Expect a more stable connection on these shiny, sturdy servers this November. 2. The Internet Optimization team is actively working with ISPs across the US and Canada to build what’s known as an **internet backbone** for League players. This backbone will decrease variances and chokepoints in connections across the region, resulting in a better optimized connection to those shiny new servers. Expect these internet superhighways to roll out in early 2015. 3. Finally, our team is dedicated to scoping out what will ultimately be the **new location** that the NA servers and optimized backbone connections will call home. We aren’t ready to share where this new home will be or when this project team will be ready for prime-time, but we want you to know that the ultimate goal is providing a comparable, stable ping no matter which coast you’re playing from. As these first two projects finalize, we’ll know more and will be ready to share additional details. Stay tuned for more info from us in the future! - RiotPDB, NA Projects Team *[Edit to add in all the official updates made so far to the NA Server Roadmap - comments will be disabled here and historical posts, please jump into the latest thread to post questions or add to the discussion!]* [**NA Server Roadmap Update: Optimizing the Internet for League and You**]( [**NA Server Roadmap Update: PoPs, Peering and the North Bridge**]( [**NA Server Roadmap Update: Addressing the Q's in Quality Connections**]( [**NA Server Roadmap: South Bridge update**]( [**NA Server Roadmap Update: South Bridge pt. 2 & ISP Peering**]( [**NA Server Roadmap Update: Chicago Here We Come**]( [**NA Server Roadmap Update: Upcoming NA Server Move**]( [**NA Server Roadmap Update: NA Server Move on 8/25**]( [**NA Server Roadmap Update: Details on 8/25 Server Move**](
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