RE: lubcurl.dll is missing, so is a folder

So since the newest patch came out, I haven't been able to even get past the launch screen. At first, it was happening with my PBE, but I easily fixed it with the repair option. But then my live account was having the same issue, saying that there was some unspecified error. So, I tried the repair option a few times, much to everyone's surprise, it did not work. So, I went on to uninstall and reinstall it, but then it said "libcurl.dll is missing from your computer. Reinstall to fix this issue." Something along those lines. But when I went to uninstall again, it said the same thing. Eventually, one of my friends offered to help, I downloaded the Hextech Repair Tool, that didn't help. Then he was looking through his own files, and said something about a folder named "" and gave me the libcurl.dll file. But I couldn't use it, because I don't have that folder. I have "" instead.
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