Does this mouse issue sound familiar to anyone?

I have been having some lag issues with my mouse while playing League as of late. It only happens with League that I'm noticing. Here's what happening: I will click to move, and I'll see the arrows at the click zone. However, I do not move. I check my fps and my ping, and neither are out of the norm. It'll continue anywhere from .25 seconds to 2 seconds, then I'll start moving to the most recent destination. This issue wasn't a problem until shortly after I downloaded the client a few weeks ago. It happens very sporadically, sometimes as often as 3 times in a single minute, then never again all game. Doesn't happen every game, but usually happens at least once. Does this sound familiar at all? I'm using a Logitech G602, which is wireless. The adapter is inches away from the mouse, pointing straight at it. Brand new batteries, replaced the moment I started getting the issue. Haven't had problems until the past two weeks or so.
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