LOL keeps crashing and sticking me with leaver ban

I have no idea why, but it happens every once in a while, no bug splat or anything. The application flickers several times prior, and the thumbnail that rests at the bottom bar looks like it refreshes itself about 20 time in five seconds. Sometimes if I rapidly click something within lol it recovers itself and moves on as normal. Sometimes it doesn't help. Also if I alt tab away while i'm in game alt tabbing back is next to impossible as you must spam the alt tab keys while also left clicking the thumbnail at the bottom bar. This can sometimes take around two minutes before i time it just right. The crashing problem happens only during pre game lobby, and to me feels like it happens the most often when I attempt to change between my rune/mastery pages. I'm hoping someone can either stop this problem or can stop giving me leaver bans, especially as I always log right back in post crash ready top go.

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