servers are lagging?

Hello, is riot servers having an unresolved unannounced issues? cuz for me it sure does. sometimes i log into a game and the ping is normal for me (70) but sometimes its (200) and it's constant, it isn't lag spikes it just sits there for the entire game, and the next game it can go back to normal without any reason. no other applications are using the intenet are open, no one else uses the internet except me, and i checked with over 20 persons and they all confirmed it for me, it's like the instant i go into a game i joined a certain server which causes this lag and it remains untill the game ends and for even more conviction i checked other online games and they never lag(dota, csgo) i only play ranked games so i don't know about normal games server. so can you confirm or deny it any rioters out there please? :) here is a screenshot of a custom game with the lag and 10 minutes later BOOM no lag
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