More features in annoying queue selection

Hello, Been playing for some time but since the new revamp of the rank I really think that there are several problems with the League of Legends client i guess. Problem number one: I really think that there should be a top-up pop-up of the client if you switch it to the background. Waiting like 5 to 20 minutes for a game is not really funny and funnier than this is when you switch your Lol client to the background but fails to pop-up back to check back. Afterwards if you fail to check in like in a game or two you get an afk time ban of 5 to 20 minutes. After waiting a game for 10 minutes and failing to switch back to Lol and getting a time ban of 5 minutes it really doesn't help people into playing . Afterwards you fail ban because you switch the client back in the background it becomes more frustrating cause the client doesn't appear anywhere to warn of the banning phase. And you get back another time ban which gets longer like a 30 minutes waiting period. Does that help anybody wanting to play again? Nope. Problem number two: While waiting for your ban phase to end, it happens many times that people try to reach out to you, like friends and such and you can't contact them back. Why? Because the timer blocks all other features in the client. You can't check in on your masteries, can't make new rune pages and even you can't access the shop. And if you by mistake close that timer you're kind of in trouble because it restarts the counting. This shouldn't be real and I really think that it should be thought through. There should be a rework on the client regarding this. It's not enough interactive and it doesn't help very much. _________________________________________________________________________________ "DUSK!" {{champion:131}}
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