All of my hard work. GONE.

So yesterday I tried to go online at my local Starbucks after work so I could practice with my team. Upon trying to login however, I discovered I had been suspended for 2 weeks. Turns out Riot is accusing me of MMR Boosting. Im in silver 5 currently, but I seeded into bronze 4 at the beginning of the season and it has been a TRIAL to move up out of the darkest depths of "elo-hell". I've moved from Maryland to Florida, back to Maryland, and now am in Washington state. I travel a bit but what in the world would make them think i was boosting my MMR? If i was boosting wouldnt i be in gold? lol not silver 5... but what aggravates me the most is this. They are taking ALL OF MY REWARDS FROM ANY SEASON. EVER. I made this account in season 1 and have never been above silver 3. I am devastated. I spend a LOT of time on this game and have grown considerably as a player. but boosting? no. i did it MYSELF. and now it means nothing?
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