The scouter says my ping was over 9000..seriously...hit 20k

And this isn't just me, seems 1 out of 5 matches has someone who is linking their ping spikes in chat, this wouldn't be especially problematic if not for the fact that not only do you get a loss But so do the other 4 members on my team. I know we cant very well put in a "My ping is ridiculous" surrender at 6 minutes command, because it could be exploited for say...jungle invade fail giving the enemy team 3 kills or something, but there has to be something that can be done, and again I stress this is more for the team than the individual. I am open to suggestions and testimonials, I am sure we have all experienced this sort of thing at some point, hello my Summoner name is Lios Ashenblade, and I am a victim of Lag.
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