Game crash

I was busy playing Janna as supp about 15 mins into the game it just froze and then i had to end the games process because it was not responding, then i tried 3 times to log back in but the client just said "game is still in progress" without taking me back into the game, i had to restart my pc to end a league process that i couldn't manually stop then i logged back in and then waited 2 mins for the game to actually load me in, and i could finally finish the game, just to see that i didn't get any XP and they also gave me a champ score of a D-, i get that u do that for actual leavers which is good, but the game itself crashed and I sent a bug report as well while i was trying to get back in. Please try to fix this so it wont happen to other people who don't leave on purpose and so on.

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