[Completed!] Mystery Skins for Good Behavior are still coming!

***UPDATE 2/13: All skins have been sent out! Those who were originally missed due to not have enough skins/champions were given Kayle and Riot Kayle. Those who have Riot Kayle already now have Sweetheart Annie.*** Hey everyone, Many of you have seen your friends receive their Mystery Skins with you left wondering where your Mystery Skin is, or whether you even qualified for one. Never fear! **Mystery Skins are still being sent out!** We are sending them out in waves every single day, and it may take the next couple of weeks (until the end of January) before they are all distributed. We'll update this thread once the last wave has been sent! As a reminder, here are the qualifications: - All Riot Regions qualify - NA, EUW, EUNE, LAS, LAN, BR, OCE, RU, TR, and Korea - You need to be level 5 (reached level 5 in 2014) - You need to have played and ***completed ***at least one game of any mode (including Custom Games) in 2014. - You did not receive a 14-day suspension - You did not receive a ranked restriction (a single game ranked restriction will disqualify you) - You did not receive a chat restriction (a single game of chat restriction will disqualify you) - If you received a Leaver Buster Penalty, you still qualify for the Mystery Skin - If your account was compromised and suspended by Riot until it was recovered, we will double-check our list to make sure you receive one - If you have under the 10 skin minimum for Mystery Skins, we will check the list again and make sure anyone who did not receive one, but met all other qualifications, gets one! - If you recently transferred to another Riot Region, you will still get a Mystery Skin, as long as you meet the previous qualifications
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