Why did I lose LP?

Can someone explain why Riot's Penalty system is so one sided? My wifi dropped and caused me to leave a ranked game, and when I got back in to win the game with my team, I lose all my LP and get a Leaverbuster throw in for good measure. I get that it's to hedge against people going 1/9 and saying fuck this and leaving, while their team wins with a handicap, but what about players who have no control over it happening? Right before I left, I was carrying this game. I was ganking bot and top when they were losing, taking objectives, and even securing Baron while my jungler farmed up. Disconnected with a score of 12/4/6, and was so ahead I came back to everyone the same level as me. Had it not been for me, we would have had to surrender no doubt. If it were under control, I woudn't have left at all. So why do I get slammed with such a harsh punishment? The system needs to be revamped.
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