The smurf Issue.

So this has been a very common thing for me, Smurfs. I am level 28 But everyone around me is around level 5 to 10 and will shred through me. I am new to moba's and i started around October i'd say and there is constantly that 1 player on my team or the enemies that is obviously a smurf, Either their name has "Smurf" in it or that Champs name somehow but that's not always the case. After most games i check to see the level of the person with the most kills and least deaths, and it turns out they are in between levels 5-10 and its horrible. I have no clue if there's a way to stop smurfs but all my games are just that 1 person shredding through a team because they made a new account. I haven't gotten in to ranked yet but i'm hoping that's better. Riot if there's anything you can do, could you do it fast please? <3
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