Daily High Ping at Peak Time with Verizon Fios, Weird Routing?

Four days in a row now I've had games where my ping jumps to 130ms in NYC with Fios from its usual 25. In all of these games, there were other players lagging as well, fellow Fios customers. The weird thing is sometimes games are fine, and other times they lag. I lagged in one game today, when it was over I went into a custom game where my ping was 25, so I took a chance and played a game, and ping was 25. Then in a 3rd game, ping was back up to 130 again. As I understand it, there are multiple servers your game can get placed on, not a single lone server, so we seem to be getting lag to one but not the other. When I run a tracert to, it's going through two 'riotdirect' hops instead of a single one like when I tracert, and the second hop had 70+ms whereas the first has mid 20's. Something seems off with the way traffic is being routed. When I trace to, it doesn't go through Riot's tunnel network at all. Here is a screenshot of the trace routes mentioned, I wasn't sure if there was sensitive info in then so I blanked out the first few hops. http://imgur.com/UR8FqRx
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