Pay-Pal debit cards

So there's nowhere around where I live that sells League cards so it's difficult finding someone to take me out to a Game-stop or Walmart to get one. My cousin just recently suggested to me that I get a Pre-paid Pay-pal debit card and use that to acquire my Riot Points instead. I thought it was a great idea. However, upon clicking the Pay-Pal option and then the amount that I want to pay, I get directed to a pay-pal website that only prompts me to log in or create a new account. There's nothing on it saying anything about using the pre-paid Pay-Pal cards. I'm glad I have yet to purchase the card because it seems that I'd have wasted my money. I just wanted to see if Riot would accept them and apparently they don't. Now could I use the pre-paid card option for the Pay-Pal card or is that only for Riot's own official cards? Please help, I would greatly appreciate it :)
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