My Account was Wrongfully Banned.

I'm writing this for two reasons: I'm livid that this happened to me and I don't want this to happen to any one else. I play a lot of league of legends, probably more games than I should. This meaning that I'm the kind of person to literally never drop a single day. I also attend university in NY full time along with a part time job near my parent's house in NJ. I have a different computer at both locations. Every week I spend Sun-Thu in school and Thu-Sun at my parent's house. So that means I log into my account from two separate IP addresses several hours apart (my commute is about two and a half hours). I understand why the system would find this to be sketchy behavior since I know not every is capable of signing into two different IP addresses to begin with. So I'm not shocked that I was banned. I'm more shocked with how it seemed to me that all of the information I provided was taken for granted and how because of this mistake I'm losing my rewards after my hard work. If I was at least banned for something like toxicity, which like many, yeah I could've probably been a nicer player, I would at least understand and accept my punishment. The fact that I was banned for MMR boosting is ridiculous. Especially since if you look at my OP.GG you can easily see that all of my games are consistent. I am a support main with Flash on D and Ignite on F building pretty much the exact same items on each champion, playing pretty much the same champions, and even duoing with the exact same person I have been duoing with for nearly 3 years. ( I was able to provide them with my driver's license from NJ, my school ID from NY, my work schedule for the last 3 weeks, and my class schedule for the current semester. But clearly that is not enough to prove my innocence. With that said, I hope none of you find yourselves in the same situation I am in. And if you're also a person who travels often and has an IP change every time they log in then I urge you to be careful because clearly whatever magical system they have in place to prove who is "right" or "wrong" isn't very accurate. Here are links of my support ticket and chat log: tldr; I was banned for MMR boosting on an account I never shared because I commute every weekend to and from school (NJ to NY). And even when I provided personal and substantial information, it was overlooked and decided that whatever "system" they had in place was superior.
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