Honestly the east coast server route makes this game mostly unplayable for so many people here

If you're unfortunate enough to live in the states of: Eastern Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Northern Georgia, Eastern Kentucky and Virginia, then odds are... you get absolutely fucked by the server route you are powerless to change. I don't even know what the fuck it is at this point, but so many people I know who live in this area get packet loss, WITHOUT PACKET LOSS. After talking with 4 different people in a single support ticket, my response ultimately was "Sorry, we dont know what the problem is, go fuck yourself." So packet loss in this game is shown when you can see people move around. Only movement. People who die or leave vision remain on the map where they were last seen, and the same goes for minions. Minions will endlessly attack eachother just like they would in a full disconnect. But you know you are still receiving some packets, because you can actually still 'fight'. If youre a jungler, you can use your abilities. if you have a dash, the game will still use that dash and move you. But no animation is played. Walking into fog of war to see jungle camps they will not appear. But, if you have attack click on and use an ability to draw aggro, you can still kill them. You know the camp is gone when your attack click stops making you move back to attack. So youre just pressing buttons and attack click shows when camps die. This shows that you are still PARTIALLY CONNECTED. The game still registers there is a hostile entity, but doesn't display their health bars, models, animations or anything. It's reasonable to think that you're missing packets. Except this is literally only a problem in the east-southeastern US. Everyone I know just has this happen at random times throughout games. And riot just doesn't give a fuck. They seem to have this warped idea that I can tell an ISP to route everyones connection to a server differently. Which I cant. It makes the game unplayable.
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