Dear Riot

I'm being really, really nice about this after what you guys pulled. 2 days in waiting on a reply in your bug forums for your loading screen problems, and you delete my post and direct me here. But i'll be cool about this. The original post was; "So I've tried a few fixes, such as; flushing my DNS, deleting LogitechGKey.dll and LogitechLed.dll from my deploy folder, messing around with my IPVs, tweaking the launcher properties to always run on administrator and putting it on compatibility mode with my OS, as well as just flat out restarting my computer. (Obviously restarting the client isn't doing anything as well) I don't use my firewall, it's always down because it's very often a problem for many things I do. I've tried googling other ways but there doesn't seem to be anything else out there. This is the first time I flat out couldn't fix this problem and i'm at a loss of what to do. Odd thing is it doesn't do this every game. But the last 3 times I tried playing with friends it gave me this error and wouldn't budge with attempted fixes, so I ended up sitting out the entire game." It's still doing it, PLEASE FIX THIS, I REFUSE TO GET PUNISHED FOR YOUR PROBLEM.
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