Having crash issues..

I have already sent a request about this on support, but I decided to post it on boards as well for the extra help. A couple hours ago I joined a normal (blind pick) game and everything was going fine, well until the game started. right off the bat I get a bugsplat error which isnt really a big deal since ive gotten them before. I press rejoin game like usual and go back into the load menu for it to bugplat again. Now this was unusual because I never have 2 crashes in a row. I try rejoining about 5 times until I finally decide to just restart my client. I close my client, and double click League of Legends to open the client, and then I get a bugsplat error before the actual client even opened. A couple tries later I finally get into the launch menu, but I get a message that reads "POSSIBLE DATA CORRUPTION DETECTED." As soon as I see this I start to freak out because I hate patching my client because it takes forever. I press quit to see if I can just run the game without having to patch, but as soon as I click Play, the client dissapears and nothing comes up. I also try this a couple times to see if I can get it to start up, but it didn't work. I end up patching it (which will take a couple hours) and I go and watch a movie upstairs. By the time the movie was over I go back downstairs to see how the patcher was doing and it was suprisingly finished. I finally get to play a game! I automaticly start a game of norms (blind yet again) and I get into the loading menu, but I get a bugsplat error, I try to rejoin a couple of times but it keeps crashing, so I restart client. The exact same thing happens and it is giving me to option to patch the client. I don't want to patch the client again only for it to mess up again, so if anyone could get me, that would be great. TL;DR My game keeps crashing. Afer patching, still keeps crashing.
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