I want a full refund

I started playing this game in Season 3, and really got into the style of the game. After a short time I found myself playing the game more often because it WAS a good game. The community wasn't toxic, and you were allowed to joke around with players without there being issues. By Season 5 many new players joined the scene and the game just started deteriorating. This is when I created a Boards account, to try and have a voice to save the game I love. But that was a dead end because the toxic changes I saw in the community had already infected the Boards. I watched as newer and newer players joined the game- making demands for changes because they didn't like how everything worked. And RIOT caved- again, and again, and again. By Season 6 I had to relearn the game 3 times already from the changes. Masteries kept changing, the Jungle was no longer the same, the community became a tumor that doesn't stop growing. And now it's at the point you can't even speak up against trolling because everything's a reportable offense. If the word "noob" is a reportable offense in an online video game, there's a serious problem with the way the game is being run. I'm not a wealthy person, and it's not like I've spent thousands of dollars- but this is not the game I invested in. The largest insult was when I bought a $100 RP card from Walmart, and redeemed the card- just for a serious update to once again change the entire face of the game. I want my money back. Plain and simple. Riot has no concern for its more seasoned players and continues to insult us with these insistent changes- changes being being made to make the game more "suitable" for a new player base. It's like being recycled. I gave this company money so they could MAINTAIN the game- not fucking ruin it. If you feel like I do- and you're sick of these changes, I hope you can support me in this. I hope we can all stand together against this embezzlement of human resource, and that we can all get the refund we deserve.
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