Common Tech Issues - Patch 8.1 Megathread

Hey everyone!

Transfers are supposed to be back up, what's the deal?

Our devs aimed to have it back up by now, but it's been delayed due to technical issues. While repairs go underway, updates will be provided via this service status page. When the service does come back up our devs are aiming to offer transfers at a discounted rate for a couple weeks. There will be a news post when we have more information on exact timing, so keep an eye out for that!

Where is my First Win of the Day mission?

The FWotD mission will become available at level 15!

Is it true you can now bind auto attack to left-click?

Yes! While in-game, select Hotkeys in the options menu and scroll all the way to to bottom. Screenshot included.

New skins where?!

New content like skins slated to release during a patch doesn't necessarily mean it will be on the same day. Bookmark the News page for news and info on new or upcoming content.

Why does the End of Game Stats screen take FOREVER to freakin' load?

This might be due to the "Close Client During Game" option in the client. This option makes the client close out when you enter a game, which means after the game it has to completely reboot to start. Low Spec Mode should be enough to keep things running smoothly, so disable this option by entering the client, clicking the gear in the upper right hand corner, and unchecking the box.

I've tried the Updated Client before, and it was sooooo laggy!

We've made some massive changes to the Updated Client make it run as smoothly as possible, even on the proudest of potatoes. Enable Low Spec Mode if it isn’t on already. You can find out by clicking the gear in the upper right hand corner of the Updated Client and then click "Enable Low Spec Mode"

Patching Failed and we're not sure why Error: 004

This error usually occurs when Operating System Permissions isn't set properly. Essentially, the patcher is trying to access files found on your hard drive, but it is being denied from doing so. Follow the steps in this guide to get this resolved!

Something's up with our servers and it's preventing you from patching Error: 003

Occurs when the patcher isn't able to maintain a stable connection with our Patcher Servers. If the patcher loses connection to the server to get the necessary files, it will simply stop working. To get this resolved, make sure to complete all of the solutions in this guide.

Getting Bad Image or Incompatible With Windows errors

This can be caused by anti-virus or firewall software that are blocking the patcher from properly updating league's .dll files. Steps may vary depending on your anti-virus, but you'll want to configure those settings to prevent the .dll files from being blocked by adding your entire League of Legends folder as an exception.

Once adjusted, run through each step of the Reinstalling League guide to reinstall. Make sure to remove your old League folder before reinstalling and Run As Administrator. Not following these steps will result in the issue persisting.

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