Skip waiting for stats screen

Basically the "skip waiting for stats" button/screen is broken, i either have to wait a full minute until i see the honor screen to honor someone or i click "skip" and it brings up the honor screen automatically and honors someone random (in the middle positions) or skips the screen. I personally do not give out many honors as i only give them to people who i believe are genuinely friendly and have good intentions even if they do mess up. that said when i press skip and i accidentally honor the most toxic player on our team (which has happened surprisingly often) it enrages me to no end. Although not being able to view the post game screen hasn't become to big of a loss as Riot have basically given all we need in the match history tab (kudos to you Riot). It shouldn't be too much of a fix either as Riot could simply add the (>) skip button present on the honor screen to the [skip waiting for stats] screen and would barely be noticed, if at all except by those of us who have this bug (if anyone does) thanks for reading, and GLHF - Wuuj {{champion:142}}
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