My client keeps disappearing

It's not a crash. It just boop, goes away. I could be in lobby waiting for the queue timer and boop client disappears and I have to relog into league. The worst is when my client disappears in draft champion select. I'm waiting for my turn to lock in and boop it disappears and I get punished for "dodging". Another situation would be when I'm waiting for the score screen to load up and it disappears before I get a chance to honor anyone. I haven't found a pattern to when it disappears but it's usually after the clients been open for a while. Min 10 minutes never less. I've searched through dozens of forums and didn't find anything like my problem. I did see somewhere I forgot where to change my internet time sync or whatever it is and I did. I've changed it to all the options it gives me and restart my computer after but it never does anything. I did notice that this problem arose after I updated my Windows. I've been coping with this problem for a while now but I can't take this anymore.
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