Riot please put some more efforts into your Mac Client

Why is the Mac client still in BETA? I have encountered so many frequent problems it just feels so unprofessional. A list of bugs I encounter frequently. -For patch 6.18 I had to download it 3 times(Meaning downloaded it once. Was able to play a game. Closed LOL. Opened LOL and had to redownload it) Every time it took up to 3 hours. I have a very reliable and fast internet so it wasn't my doing. -Client closing itself without warning -When my character dies and I click the spacebar the camera locks onto my dead body. And no input will pull me off of the body until my character respawns. -Having to redownload League of Legends every other month because the current client I have just won't open. -Getting kicked out of the loading screen and having to wait for the game to start before I can reenter through the loading screen.

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