7.4 Patch: Random lag spikes

I have a Macbook Air (2013) and have been playing the game ever since I bought the computer. During the years of playing I have experienced lag issues here and there, but this patch is very annoying. All throughout a regular match my ping will either stay at a constant 'okay' then it starts fluctuating all over the place. Then the fps drops to the point where I can still play, but that's probably because I know the champion well enough, regardless it's still annoying. My ping and fps were fine last patch (fps is usually a constant 60 - 70 and ping is 30) and now it's all over the place. I only have Discord and Google Chrome open while I play. I have tried closing Chrome to see if that fixed anything and usually it does, but now that does nothing. I've tried following instructions on the troubleshooting connection page but so far nothing has worked to fix the issue. I would hate to think that it's just my computer and I may have to get a new one. I have read other threads talking about lag issues so if any Rioter could read and help to see if it's a problem with patch please do.
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