Ranked wins/losses

Has there been a recent change to ranked LP and position wins/losses? I'm gold on 2 of my accounts, go to try and get the third to gold and I can win 5 in a row before it finally starts granting me reasonable LP gains, but lose one and I go into super loss mode where I lose ridiculous amounts of LP, lose 3 games, back to 0, lose 1 at zero and bam down to silver 3. I know for a fact I don't belong in silver 2, let alone silver 3, and for the most part when I'm playing I'm doing fairly well. There are of course the rare games when I get trounced, and this isn't always because I am playing badly, but because EVERYONE on my team is playing badly. I won't say that I"m not to blame at all for those losses, but they are a rarity. So what is going on with the LP system that these adjustments are so drastic?

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