How can I send a report ticket to the support ?

So I was supposed to go mid, Zed (that's what he picked) jungle, Yasuo (again that's what he picked) bot as adc. Immediately after the lobby loaded Zed said this " no jugnle. i go mid". First I tried to explain him that I can't really play jugnle, but he was picking before me so I had no choice. I picked Xin. Then that Yasuo who was supposed to go bot as adc got smite and went to the jungle. I had no time to change my masteries or summoner spell so I went bot with Xin. The whole game they were trying to make the enemy team report us (Me, GP and Sona). I have no words. I took 2 pictures of the chat so I can send them to the support, but I don't really know how. I know its from - Submit a Request, that's all I know.
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