Leaverbuster for 1 leave?

Since about March, I have solved my technical issues and stopped leaving games. Before that, I had 20 minutes of leaverbuster and I agree to that as I should have solved my internet issues before I played. Today though, I moved and I wanted to try a game of league. My internet failed and I disconnected. I tried to reconnect a lot of times but nothing would work. For some reason, I got another 20 minutes of leaverbuster despite me not leaving for over a month. On the FAQ page, it says that my leaver level would go down after a few games, but apparently this is not the case. I'm not asking for you to remove my leaverbuster or anything, but isn't it a bit contradictory to what the page says? It's not like I was trying to leave the game. In fact I tried to reconnect many times. It's just weird that even though I haven't left for a month, I get low priority for something that I could not control.

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