Act 3: Questions about the Bilgewater Event? We got you covered! [COMPLETED]

***Update 8/24:*** *All rewards should now be distributed in all Riot Regions! If you feel you should have received a rewards, but have not, make sure to [submit a ticket]( so we can investigate further.* -------------------------------------------------------- ***Update 8/19:*** *All Mystery Skins in all Riot Regions should now be distributed. For those who were not able to get free Mystery Skins, we are working on awarding Free Mystery Champions, and if not champions, RP. This should be completed within a week!* -------------------------------------------------------- ***Update 8/12:*** *Captain Gangplank skins have finished distribution in all regions. If you have not received this skin and believe you qualified for it, make sure to [submit a ticket]( so we can investigate further.* *NOTE: Free Mystery Gift distribution is still on-going* ------------------------------------------------ ***Update 8/10:*** *Burning Tides has ended! Distribution of both the Captain Gangplank Skin and free Mystery Gifts are being processed and will start being sent out soon. We will let everyone know when we have completed the distribution!* ------------------------------------------------ Hey all, Many of you may have some questions regarding the requirements for the event as well as how the rewards will be distributed. Be sure to check out our [Bilgewater Event FAQ]( for an overview of how the event will work! If you are looking for more specifics, the following should help clear up any confusion! -------------------------------------------------------------- > Gangplank's ALIVE!!! * Gangplank should be re-enabled once we deploy the 5.15 patch, but will definitely be enabled before the event ends. * You will earn the Captain Gangplank skin for free if you purchase (or already owned prior to the event) Gangplank before the event ends, ***AND*** you played/completed a full matchmade game as Gangplank ***during*** the event at any time * If you did play and completed a game with him ***during*** the event while he was Free-to-Play, and then you later purchase him ***before*** the event ends, you will get the free Captain Gangplank skin * Matchmade games include any game mode that has a queue (Custom Games do not count) * It may take a couple weeks ***after the event*** to receive the skin > Music of Bilgewater * You can find Gangplank's Login Theme Song on our [SoundCloud page](! * Miss Fortune's Login Theme song can be found on our [Soundcloud page]( as well! > Black Market Brawlers * Must be level 10 * Only available in the special Game Mode, and not available in normal Summoner Rift queues * When an enemy champion is killed, all players who got an assist will receive a Golden Kraken (for example, if you get a kill, and your other 4 teammates got an assist, all 4 players will receive one Golden Kraken). * Large Jungle Creeps are: Blue Sentinel (Blue buff), Red Brambleback (Red buff), Ancient Krug (Large golem), Crimson Raptor (Large raptor), Greater Murk Wolf (Large wolf), and Gromp. *Note: Rift Scuttler (crab) will not give bonus, as it is a neutral monster and therefore cannot be counter-jungled* * Morellonomicon is disabled while in this mode. Be sure to check out the [new items for BMB!]( * Once Golden Krakens are spent, these purchases/upgrades CANNOT be undone/cancelled. * it is not possible to 'lose' Golden Krakens without spending them * Not to be confused with [Brawl Brothers]( > Butcher's Bridge * Must be level 6 * Completely replaces The Howling Abyss until the end of the event. You cannot toggle between the Howling Abyss and Butcher's Bridge maps * Available in Matchmade 5v5 ARAM and in Custom Games * Gameplay is exactly the same, regardless of how visuals may look * The little creatures running around on this map are called Wharf Rats! > Event Icon Rewards * [You must first select a champion path]( for EACH act to start earning points to completing objectives. Once a champion path is chosen, it CANNOT be changed * It is not possible to receive/earn both icons from a specific act * Objectives for the icon must be completed ***in order.*** You cannot work towards (earn points for) the 2nd objective, until the 1st objective is completed. *NOTE: You cannot complete both objectives in the same game. You can only unlock one objective, per game.* * Matchmade Games includes all game modes you can enter a queue for (Including Co-op vs AI and Black Market Brawlers). Custom Games will *NOT* count. * The objective requirements are cumulative. Example: for the Graves Icon for Act 1, you need 20 Kills. You do not need to get 20 kills in a single game, but 20 TOTAL kills over as many games as needed. * For Act 2, Towers destroyed include assists. You do ***not*** need to be the one to get the last hit on the tower. * Once you have completed the 2nd objective, the icon will be automatically unlocked. * You must complete Act 1's objectives before you can unlock subsequent Act rewards. You will have to the end of the event to complete all act rewards however. * It may take several minutes for your icon reward to appear on your account. *NOTE: The icon may be "buried" in your list of icons, so make sure to carefully scroll through all of them to find it!* If it does not appear after 24 hours, make sure to [submit a ticket]( > Bilgewater Skins * All Bilgewater skins are NOT Legacy Skins, and will be available for purchase after the event. > Mystery Gift Promotion * This special promotion will be available on August 1st 23:59 PDT to August 10th 02:00 PDT * Must be Level 10 to send Mystery Gifts to friends. You can read the full requirements in our [Mystery Gifting FAQ.]( * The following count as mystery purchases: Mystery Skins, Mystery Chests, Mystery Skin Gifts, Mystery Chest Gifts, and Mystery Champion Gifts. Mystery Gifts sent from the post game lobby also count. * For every 6 mystery purchases, you will receive 1 free Mystery gift *(Ex - if you purchased 12 Mystery Purchases, you would receive 2 free mystery gifts).* The free Mystery Gift will be a Mystery Skin, [if you are eligible to receive one]( If you do not meet these requirements, you will receive a Mystery Champion. If you do not meet either requirement, you will receive 490 RP (equivalent price of a mystery gift) instead. * ***NOTE:*** If there are any skins or champions that are on sale at the time for UNDER 520 RP, they will not count towards your skin/champion pool. For example, if you only have 11 skins available (which should qualify you for a free Mystery Skin), but 2 of these 11 skins are currently on sale for under 520, they system will only recognize you having only 9 available skins. Therefore, you will be awarded a Mystery Champion instead. * You will not receive your free mystery gift immediately after sending your 6th mystery purchase. Instead, you will receive them after the promotion ends. ***NOTE: It may take several weeks after the event ends to credit all mystery gifts to accounts.***
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