When will RIOT admit that it is their problem to fix the connection issues...?

We have heard it time and time again...lag issues after every single patch. We are always led in the same direction >>>please go and read the trouble shooting guide...how about manning up and paying for some damn dedicated lines so we don't have to experience a lag spike every 10 seconds. My hops are short, I get 90 up 97 down, ping used to hang at 33, packet data .20% loss, there is absolutely no reason that I should be experiencing any sort of lag along with most other people. It's gotten to a point that it is so bad that I'm not going to play this game anymore. Typical big corporation bullCRAP all about the $. Screw the user in-game experience bc we have new characters, skins (boat loads of SKINS), ICONS (DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE ICONS!!) FIX THE PROBLEM RIOT AND MAYBE I'LL CONSIDER PLAYING AGAIN

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