High ping for no reason

So ive noticed for about the past week that im having a weird ping issue. On the live server (NA) my ping stays at a constant 95-100 where normally its around 50. I thought it was just my internet but when i play on PBE I have my normal 50 ping. Ive reset my internet and did a repair of my client and nothing has helped so far. Any suggestions? Thanks! :-) EDIT: So I called Charter and to my expectations they had no fucking clue what to do. I tried to manually route my traffic and that did nothing but not allow me to connect to the server in general no idea why. The only fix that I have found that is consistent is to download Haste, Ill leave a link below. My ping typically stays at about 55 now which isnt what I had before but its better than well over 100. Best of luck and if you can call Charter and bitch about the problem. Maybe with enough people calling about it they will change it and get us back to normal. https://haste.net/download-haste/
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