/Remake didnt work

I know you dont care but after reading a hundred guide and watching a million videos on how to get out of bronze, I played the best game of league yet. My map awareness was on point, I made excellent calls on drake, my ganks were perfect, and I peeled for adc and got our vayne fed, i was quite pleased Next game im determined to win another and I go top. We get an afk yasuo that absolutely ruined the game, but because he wasnt fully dc'ed( it was going on and off) the /remake option didnt appear (This bronze is absolutely depressing, last game i had to /remake because of afk) this time the option didnt even appear so we fought a 4v5. To make matters worse my lane opponent took jayce ( I was riven) I roamed got a few kills but even with an afk bot lane fed super hard. As did the jungler. I think it was for the best that mid was afk in the first place Its unfair on players like me to have to suffer. Not because of feeders, no i can handle those, but because the 'Remake' option does not appear for afk's at the beginning of the game It made me incredibly sad that after adapting a good low elo mentality, playing well and carrying the next game i lose because of afk {{champion:32}} {{item:3073}} {{champion:32}} I just hope its not like this in mid - high elo But the worst part is reports do nothing so this player will continue to ruin games
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