Dead Ally Turret shot? freezing crash,dc grid ghost playing, Resetted ToS,Long bootups

Greetings Supporters,I'll cut to chase and tell you my concerns and issues. Here goes, I was playing against DJ Sona on the lowest graphical settings besides high resolution 1600 while having just music on lowest settings in background and idk was hovering over her with camera while she casted abilities walking to lane, I think it froze me so hard I had to power off the computer because it wasn't responding, lights turned off in keyboard and mouse. I pinged to defend at 7:04 and I was on my way about secs before clear the wave after reviving. but then dc hit me, according to replay I hadn't moved an inch after respawning, pinging, nada, and I thought it was the rammus immediately using his qe and smite simultaneously at wolves, but I knew the game doesn't tell you immediately dcs so what gives?Well... At the time of me (annie) and cho death where we both died in secs close to each other.... I was looking at replay and saw, sigh yes... a ally turret shot shooting cho dead body at the enemys turret while enemy akali farmed annnnd It crashed the replay when I tried to find out where it came from. I shutdown the frozen pc and It took absurdly long to bootup like a whole 8+mins of loading ,when I came to open up league during the please wait while everything is loading phase, It told me I had to accept the Terms of Service and it forgot my un, Remember me was unsaved(before saved), so I was a bit concerned if It was like I entered my account for someone else.
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