Got a leave while in the game not AFK!

We had just started a game and I went to the lane and waited at the turret. It said someone didn't connect and that we could do the /remake. We did /remake including me and after the game in the lobby it said **I was the leaver!** Since this game has come out I have only had 1 or 2 leaves both due to internet dying. Like 7 years of play and 1 or 2 leaves at the most which were unavoidable. I want this removed please! I'm sure this makes me ineligible for something?!!!!! The other weird thing is I tried to submit a ticket for this and it said I wasn't logged in, yet here I am typing this post!! After game chat... You are ineligible to earn loot due to leaving or AFK behaviors. subre123456789 Swuid : who was afk DWlGHT K SCHRUTE: wtf DWlGHT K SCHRUTE: it says me subre123456789 Swuid : ??????? P.S. **I just thought of this but I played a few games this morning around 8am.. and have been working on my car all day and came back, ate, and queued up a game.. I was logged in the whole time, in fact I clicked the LOL icon on desktop and it just opened the launcher (it was already logged in). Is it possible the system thought I was logged out and then flagged me as a leave but still somehow I got into the game? **

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