GTX 1080 Ti and 40-70 FPS???

SPECS: gtx 1080 ti, i7 7700k at 4.5 ghz DDR4 3000mhz I stream overwatch at max graphics at 2k resolution and get a solid 280-300 fps never dropping in team fights. I stream Rise of the Tomb Raider full graphics with a solid 100 fps. I stream league and get 40-70 fps at the fountain. LOL. I need to know, does league not use a graphics card to run? That seems to be what is going on here. I know League is undeveloped and sort of poorly put together but really, whats going on here? Dont tell me to turn off V-sync or something stupidly obvious cause that's not the problem. Yes I've went through your little troubleshooting guide and none of that seems to fix the problem. Where is my 500 fps? I will post my DxDiag to see if anyone can assist me in resolving the problem(: Thank you!
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