"You have been disconnected", so enjoy your 20 minute queue time! For every game!

But seriously, this has only increased in frequency as of late for me. The ironic part is that, in spite of my apparent inability to play LoL, my brother - whose computer sits a mere 20 feet away from mine - has no issues connecting at all. What can I do to somehow fix these connection issues? EDIT: I'm using NETGear while my brother uses his laptop on the WiFi, and I never AFK'd beyond League disconnecting itself. I've been stuck with 20 minute queues since then, and only because of League refusing to connect. Though other devices are connected to the router, they're not enough to cause any connection issues according to my .bat file's and Haste's respective tests. Plus, I should have added this to the original posting: the DC's are caused by an **error** that says I have been disconnected, and to try again. It gives a *retry* and a *cancel* option in the prompt, but regardless of what I do by the time I reconnect the game has been remade and I'm given more queue time.
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