All bot games?

So, I'm a new player. Lvl 8, only done one pvp game. I'm not ready for pvp yet. But I kinda have to - the last 3 bot games I've been in have been me and 9 bot characters. The icon and everything. Now I wouldn't be upset with this if they were like Dota bots and actually decent. But these are NOT decent. I've seen their pathing get so screwed up they dont leave the spawn for the entire game. I joined League of Legends to play with other people, not be in a 9-bot game. Is this a problem at higher levels, or am I just unlucky thus far? Also, is there a way for me to leave without getting put on the leave queue? I really dont think it's fair to expect me to play out a game wherein I'm the only one on my team, and I'm fairly sure it's against the TOS to make my own little bot that moves me back and forth to avoid getting kicked.

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