LolPatcherUX creating infinite log file. Client will not start.

Everything worked fine last week. This week I try to click my LOL icon, and it shows the patcher loading bar, and then vanishes. The client never loads, (run as admin does nothing.) If I try to click it again I get the "this is already running" notice. I can see it running in my Task Manager. It is NOT visible in the system tray like it normally was while patching. It starts to generate an infinite log file called (date)_LoLPatcherUX which does not stop until the entire hard drive fills. (It got to 40 gigs once, and I was very confused where the heck my disk space had gone before I tracked it down to a TEXT FILE in the league folder...) I uninstalled the game. This did not work properly, it hanged at 97% for twenty minutes before I ended the task and deleted the folder. I tried to reinstall. Install completed, but when I click the icon SAME THING. Client does not load, infinite log file begins to generate. I am completely at a loss.
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