Crashing In Champ Select

Yesterday and all this week the game and everything was working perfectly fine. Today I open the game and join a normal queue. When it was time for the second pair of people to pick, my client froze and I ended up closing the client through task manager and re opening it. After waiting out the 5 min queue timer, I get into another champ select and the same exact thing happens. Both crashes happened when red side got their first picks (blue side already first picked and red side gets next 2). I'm not really annoyed at the timer, don't know if it affects honor level, if it does that sucks, I'm mainly annoyed that I can't play the game. Please if someone knows a solution for this please help. EDIT: I did uninstall a lot of programs and deleted files, this probably has something to do with it, but I don't really understand why it would. All I did was uninstall Portal games and some songs and memes, I didn't touch anything related to League. I did a defrag afterwards and turned off my PC for a while before turning it back on. Everything besides League is running a lot faster.
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