Constant 300-400 ping in game.

I've already looked at the connect issue post on league. I've restarted my internet. No one in my house is downloading and I'm not downloading. My internet is fine. Everything loads fast and smoothly. I can watch HD videos fine. My computer isn't slow or anything. When I play I have closed all my tabs and closed out programs but still have a constant ping spiking from 300-400. This has been happening for the past week for me. Sometimes I'll have 70 ping (which is normal in my area) but all of a sudden it slowly rises 100 to 200 to 300 then constant 400. **EDIT: I also like to add that I LOAD in game just fine too. It says around 70 ping when I'm loading in. But once I start playing couple minutes in game it spikes up. (Every game so far)

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