LeaverBuster Lower Priority Queue

So recently my internet has been going haywire. It randomly goes out and comes back on within 5 minutes, maybe once a day or every two days. Two days ago, my internet went out when I was in the middle of a ranked game. I got back on within 5 minutes, my team WON the game and in the post game lobby I was informed that I was placed in a lower priority queue for 5 games, 20 minute wait per game. So even while I didnt believe that was fair, I played out the 5 games and I continued on. Today however, same thing happened. I was in a ranked game, got back into my game 5 minutes tops, and at the end of the game I was informed I was in lower priority queue, 20 minutes per game for 5 games. I don't quite believe this is fair as I have no control over my internet and its not like I left, I reconnected to the games and I did win. Is it just because i've been in the lower priority queue before, so leaverbuster automatically gives me the harshest punishment? Honestly, I think 20 minutes for 10 games (200 minutes of extra waiting) is a bit harsh. On top of that, you can't message your friends in those 20 minutes or it resets. If you're in a queue with someone, they have to wait it out. If another friend wants to join, it resets. This is ruining League for me and I was wondering if there is someway that the severity of it could be lowered?
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