League running at 111% cpu usage since new client - how?

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Ever since the new client now my game freezes in game. It's kind of like a lag spike but I noticed that i wasn't dropping frames or network packets... i was consistently at 70-80 fps and 40ms ping during the spike. So then I thought maybe the cpu can't draw fast enough because if it could during those "lag spikes" i should see either 1-10 fps or like 300 ms ping but nope I never have low fps or high ping. So I'm guessing the culprit is my CPU? Which suprises me because I think i'm on a decent laptop. MacBook Air (Mid 2013) Mac OS El Captian 10.11.4 Processor 1.5GHz Intel Core i5 4GB RAM 1600 MHZ Intel HD Graphics 500 1536 MB I haven't noticed this problem before.... Also sidenote : this even happens when league is the ONLY program running. It feels like League + the new client is a cpu hog and the new client takes up much more mb of ram (about 800-1100mb) than the legacy (about 600 mb). Can anybody shed light on what it means to be using over 100% cpu? P.S. These "cpu drops" tend to happen inconveniently of course when a team fight or couple of ultimates erupt. P.S.S. Yes i'm using the lowest possible settings in the game
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