Streamers...To Be (your current Summoner's Name), or Not To Be (your current Summoner's Name)?

Hi friends, I am new to streaming and I am interested in hearing your thoughts on this. I feel this might be convoluted, so please let me know if you cannot track me. Here it is. I have played on this account for a few seasons, and now I would like to share my fun. However, my online persona is a different name due to the community I want to build and in twitch TV-land, it is different than this one you see me typing under. Question: Do you think it is best to 1) Start a new account with the Summoner name to match my online persona 2) Stream under my current one, even though my brand is of a different name 3) Buy a Summoner Name change to convert this one to my online brand Thanks for your help, League fam. Just trying to think this through. Any examples of what you have done would be very appreciated. Hugs, {{champion:99}}
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