Kha´Zix | The Voidreaver | League of Legends Montage (edit)

Kha´Zix | The Voidreaver | League of Legends Montage
Facebook: Music: 1.- Iron Menace by Methodic Doubt Music 1.- Artist Name: Methodic Doubt Music itunes: web: soundcloud: twitter: Facebook: ---I DONT MONETIZE MY VIDEOS--- I just do them for fun and entertainment The game is owned by Riot Games, the music is property
hi guys im BlUeWoLf07 (D4-LAN) and i wanna share with u my last montage, "Kha´Zix The Voidreaveer I hope u like it , this have overkills, quadrakills, pentakill, among other things {{champion:121}} i play since S1, i love this game, i love play, and i love edit. Ty for watching , if u like it, plz share and subscribe GLHF // Utube: Facebook:

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