Wards in “Ranked, Normal, and Rotating Gameplay in Season 2019 | /dev diary”

Ranked, Normal, and Rotating Gameplay in Season 2019 | /dev diary - League of Legends
Get the scoop on ranking up in split seasons and the new and improved PvP and PvE modes on the horizon.
They have a picture in the video of sightstone and trackers knife. Maybe/hopefully they will bring them back. I would love for wards to be more common place again. And I would love for wards to not be forced onto the support again, because they can buy other items, and because other players could buy wards. Also they show the other/older support items which I thoroughly enjoyed using. Like “face of the mountain” it gave me more meaningful ways and decisions as a support to help my laner than ‘I give you wards at some point’. Being able to buy a shield that I can give my laner is more relevant for the 2v2 fight, while being able to prioritize and buy wards meant I could give better information to my midlaner and junglers helping them roam safer. I got to make those decisions for what was more relevant at the time, maybe our fights have been really close to winning in the 2v2 and that shield could decide who wins the next fight. Sometimes I would rush buying the sightstone and that would help my midlaner know he can roam bot side and assist making it a 3v2. Both of these help my laner, but in different ways. I miss being able to decide what was more relevant for that individual game, as it is I will be ‘getting’ wards it’s not my decision and I also can’t prioritize my first 800 gold and ‘rush’ the item when I think it’s relevant. Please bring back sightstone and the support items that aren’t automatically wards. I would love that so much.

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