renekton montage

renekton montage
Renekton highlights. From level 2 tower dives to late game outplays, if you're looking for renekton highlights sit down for a minute and enjoy. And yes... I was feigning ignorance in order to bait gragas out of the bush so I could 1v2 him and nasus.
A few really nice plays and some just ok ones. I'm not tech savvy enough to clip pieces from when I recorded full vids, so visit me on YouTube if you want some more great plays. Alas no new content beyond this for season 9+ for awhile. I've gotten really fed up with the way Riot handles things over the past 2+ seasons and am unwilling to further support the company until they make the improvements I've fought so hard for. Wish you all a ~~great ~~fun season. Enjoy.

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