Two Years Later, League Videos Sub-Board Returns

Two years ago, the League Videos sub-board was combined with the Concepts & Creations sub-board in order to provide an avenue for all creators to come together to share their works and to minimize the number of overlapping sub-boards. Over the years, we've seen both positives and negatives with this decision; at this time, however, we believe the positives of bringing back the League Videos sub-board outweigh the negatives.

With tremendous feedback from the community posted both on the Boards and the Concepts & Creations Discord, the Archivist Team thought it would be best to once again have a place for individuals to post their videos in one comprehensive space for people to peruse. Historically, moderators have encouraged players to post their streams in Miscellaneous, but with the merging of Miscellaneous with General Discussion, it became ambiguous where streams were to be posted. As an intended consequence of re-branding the League Videos sub-board into the Streams & Videos sub-board, streams will now have a more appropriate and distinct place on the Boards.

We hope that this change will increase visibility to content creators of all types; regardless, we'll be keeping an eye on how this sub-board performs over the coming weeks as well as the impact on Concepts & Creations and the Boards as a whole and make adjustments as necessary. We'll be regularly checking this thread, so if you have any questions about these changes or suggestions for improvements, please leave us a comment below. With that being said, let's see what you've got!

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