Hello community League of Legends (I apologize in advance for my bad English). I came to ask for help from you because Now strange events are taking place on the YouTube platform. I am a League of Legends player, streamer and a video creator with the best moments on League of Legends. My channel "League of Fails". I've been creating videos and streames for over three years and on my channel more than 59 thousand subscribers. But a few days ago the following situation occurred... The monetization was completely turned off on the channel and the video took off from similar and recommended views as a result, the views plummeted. After contacting the support of YouTube, I found out that they consider my content monotonous, repetitive and it does not belong to me therefore I violate the rights of the copyright holder. But this is not true... There are no copyright claims on my channel, and on all my videos there is a watermark (in the upper right corner). Every day, players send me video moments from their games + I myself watch the gameplay of the players and choose the best to create my content. And according to the License Agreement, any video, gameplay, art, etc. League of Legends, owned by Riot Games. Yes, I understand that many will say "It serves you right," but I did not violation anything. I did not insert built-in advertising into my videos (for selling riot points, buying ratings, selling accounts, boosting, hack etc.) I always followed the reputation of my channel and a small monetization in these three years allowed me to buy a new computer so that the video was not rendering 10 hours+, buy a license for music, buy plug-ins and software for montage. Therefore, I ask for help from Riot, I don't know where else appeal... I don `t know how I should prove that my videos are useful, that my subscribers and viewers find them informative, etc. And such a problem is not only with me, I see how other channels in the League of Legends lose monetization, but for some reason they are silent. Therefore, I ask RIOT games help. You have the main YouTube channel League of Legends and you have a personal manager from YouTube, please ask him why this is happening. I love League of Legends and I want to be part of this community, so I’ve been developing my channel for so many years, and nowI do not know what to do. my channel is completely pessimized. After all, such creators like me, popularize the game and support the interest of other players in it. Now a lot of players from DotA get on my videos, watch them and write that this game is interesting. It's a little difficult for me to accurately and completely describe the current situation in English, so I will attach a video of a large YouTube Channel in which the exact same situation occurred and he describes it in detail. [YouTube Demonetized my Channel and Removed my Ability to Contact Them](
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