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Hello everyone! just a streamer looking to make some friends or followers or just what ever! _**I am a HUGE Dragon Ball Z Fanboy. So do not mind the mess! **_ Besides all of that, I am a Support main! {{sticker:sona-playing}} Sona main when ever I can! I do run other supports but Sona is my go to un-tilt me girl! I am run any other lane if need to be but give me a non-crying, no reason to mute ADC and I promise the bot lane game just changed your chances of winning! I stream any time from** 9am EST until 11am EST** and also from **11pm EST until roughly 1am EST**. On my Rotating days off I try to stream by the same hours, but you can catch me anytime by those times! Well anything else check out the few Videos I have made! {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}} I am sure they are boring for say, but I just now learning! Well this your Boy Panic, saying see yea soon on that field!{{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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