Diamond mid and jungler!

Hello all! I am an upcoming small streamer. I have two daughters Harley and Riven who are my world. League of legends however is my virtual one. I am a jungle main but over the past few seasons I've put most of my games into Malz/Kayn. I feel if you come watch me you will definitely learn as I excel in macro play. So long as my team listens to my calls we usually win! I'm currently building a community called Royal Havoc Club and I would love if people stopped by and chatted. Ask me questions, grab a game and just enjoy yourself. I've been playing league since before seasons were a thing and while I'm starting to grow, you can grow with me! If I wanted to I could hit diamond+ in any role. My game logic is one of the best. Currently I am sitting mid diamond on my smurf and I'm hunting for masters!{{champion:90}} {{summoner:11}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Twitch.tv/Protiden

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